Study in Canada

What Are The Top International Courses You Can Study In Canada?

Canada is one of the most preferred destinations for students across the world to study abroad.  Different immigration schemes and post-study work schemes attract both undergraduate and postgraduate students to the country. And it is far easier to adjust and settle in Canada than other nations in the West. If you are aspiring to study […]

Family Sponsorship Program

Did You Know Canada Provides Family Sponsorship?

Canada is an incredibly advanced nation with a multicultural and tolerant society. The living standards in Canada are advanced and much higher than here in India and many other countries. Being a stable economy, Canada also provides a better quality of life. In fact, its welcoming nature is why it is also referred to as […]

Visiting Visa canada

Does Visitor Visa guarantee you can enter Canada?

No, even if you possess a visiting Visa to Canada, that doesn’t guarantee you can enter Canada. After sending your application, it will be reviewed first to ensure it is complete in all aspects and all documents needed are along with the application. In case your application is found incomplete by the Canadian immigration authorities, […]

Super Visa Canada

Procedure to Apply For Super Visa Canada

Super Visa Canada will make your parents and grandparents eligible to stay in Canada for a maximum time period of two years.  The Visa is valid for up to 10 years however the validity can be cut short depending on the Individuals circumstances. Those parents and grandparents who have intentions to stay only for a […]

Immigration Consultants for Canada

Why You Need Immigration Consultants for Canada?

Canada has become one of the biggest migration spots for people from all over the world. Every year, thousands and thousands of people immigrate to Canada for various purposes such as education, settling, job, etc. However, the number of people immigrating to the country is often less than the number of people who applied for […]