Family Sponsorship Program

Did You Know Canada Provides Family Sponsorship?

Canada is an incredibly advanced nation with a multicultural and tolerant society. The living standards in Canada are advanced and much higher than here in India and many other countries. Being a stable economy, Canada also provides a better quality of life. In fact, its welcoming nature is why it is also referred to as a paradise for the immigrants. One of the main pillars of the Canadian immigration system is Family reunification and it has been majorly achieved by the family sponsorship program. If you have someone living outside Canada and you wish to sponsor them, you need to know a number of things associated with the procedure.

Which Family Member Can You Sponsor?

First of all the things, you need to know as to whom can you sponsor. Being an eligible sponsor, you can sponsor your spouse, conjugal partner or common-law partner. You can also sponsor your child or your parents. Under the family sponsorship Canada program, you can even sponsor your grandparents. If any of your nephew, niece, and cousin have lost their parents, you can sponsor any of those relatives.

You can be eligible to be a sponsor only if you are a Canadian permanent resident or a Canadian citizen. You must be above the age of 18 years. There must not be any criminal cases or offenses made in the name of the sponsor because in that case they will be not be considered eligible for becoming a sponsor under the Family sponsorship Canada program. In the majority of cases, it is important for the sponsor to reside in Canada. For the same sponsorship program, the sponsored individuals need to undertake some medical tests. For the process of Canadian immigration, the Canadian government is to be paid a payment in two stages for the family class application.

If you have fulfilled all the necessary documentation and have met the set pattern, then you are eligible to sponsor any of your family member to Canada.

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