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Does Visitor Visa guarantee you can enter Canada?

No, even if you possess a visiting Visa to Canada, that doesn’t guarantee you can enter Canada. After sending your application, it will be reviewed first to ensure it is complete in all aspects and all documents needed are along with the application. In case your application is found incomplete by the Canadian immigration authorities, it won’t be processed and will be rejected. In such case, you will need to fill a new application form. If the application is found complete in all aspects then you will be asked to go through a medical exam and also get a police verification state. The candidate may also be asked to appear in an interview with a Visa officer.Your visa application will be processed within a few weeks or less than this time depending on the time taken by the Visa authorities in processing the Visa.For any change in the address, telephone number or any other contact info, you will need to personally visit the Canadian Visa office.

If your application is accepted, you will be granted a valid Visiting Visa to Canada. But despite now having a valid visitor Visa, that doesn’t make you eligible to enter Canada. You have still some tests left to pass before Canadian authorities allow your entry into their country.

If you are visiting Canada by road, the Canadian Border Service Officers who protect the country’s borders from the intruders and attackers will come to greet you. They will ask you for travel documents and passport.

Basic requirements to meet to Travel to Canada

  • There are some basic requirements that a traveler should meet to travel to Canada. Besides a valid visiting Visa to Canada, the traveler should possess a passport and other valid travel documents.

  • Travellers whose documents are found incomplete in any aspect or they give false or incomplete information, they are disallowed to enter the country. Moreover, Visiting holders also need to convince the border office that they will immediately leave the country once their validity of the visa expires.

  • For children under 18, parents or any other Guardian accompanying them will need to produce a certificate that they are accompanying the kids.

  • And when the officer will ensure that the visitor is holding all legal documents, they will stamp their passport and let them know how long they can stay in Canada.

  • The Visitor Visa is generally valid for six months. The border officer in Canada can cut short the stay period of the visitor depending on the circumstances of the visitor. The visitor can ask questions if unsure about anything.

  • The visitors who don’t obey the conditions of the visiting Visa to Canada can be asked to leave Canada. But they have a right to a fair hearing to review the decision.

  • The visitor should be in Good health and should have no criminal record on his/her name.

  • The visitor also needs to convince the immigration officer that he/she has a family, job or financial assets that will take him/her back.

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The visitors should have enough money to stay in Canada. The money visitors should possess will depend on whether they are planning to stay alone in a hotel or with friends and family.

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