Best Family Sponsorship Consultants for Canada

Family reunification is one of the biggest agendas behind the ‘Family Class Immigration’ program by the government of Canada. Under this program, any citizen or permanent resident of Canada has the right to sponsor their relatives and family members living abroad for permanent settlement in the country to work / live.

We are here to offer you with the best Immigration Consultancy for Family Sponsorship Canada. We work closely with each of our clients to get the Family Sponsorship Visa and help them at every stage of the Immigration Application Process.

Who Can Be Sponsored ?

As a citizen of Canada, you have to fulfill certain criteria and meet certain requirements laid down by the department of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. However, in order to exercise your right to sponsor your family members, you must be minimum 18 years or above.

According to the set rules and guidelines as per the government, you can provide Family Sponsorship Canada to the following list of family members:

  •         Grandparents
  •         Parents
  •         Dependent Children
  •         Grandchildren
  •         Siblings (Real or Cousins)
  •         Conjugal Partner, Common Law Partner, or Spouse
  •         Other Relatives

You need to comply with different rules and meet different eligibility criteria to provide sponsorship to different family members. We help you identify the right methods and requirements to obtain family sponsorship Canada.

Who Can Apply for Family Sponsorship Canada?

The first and foremost criteria which you need to meet are the age bar. You must be 18 years or above. Below that age, you cannot enjoy the right to sponsor anyone. Also, you must be a permanent resident or hold the citizenship of Canada.

For the relatives who plan to move to your country, the members should surpass all medical, criminal, and other background examinations to get a clean chit for further processing the application.

The government will ask you for the following proof to accept your application for Family Sponsorship Canada:

  •         Proof to feed your family members and meet the basic requirements without using the social welfare services
  •         Support Family members so that they do not become a liability upon the government
  •         Sign a Three-ten year contract with the Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) department in the case of Spousal Sponsorship

There are other important eligibility criteria which need to be completed to process your visa application further. Our team of specialist Consultants helps you fulfill every single aspect of the process to increase your chances of obtaining the visa for family sponsorship Canada.

Why Choose Us for your Family Sponsorship Canada?

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