Super Visa Canada

Procedure to Apply For Super Visa Canada

Super Visa Canada will make your parents and grandparents eligible to stay in Canada for a maximum time period of two years.  The Visa is valid for up to 10 years however the validity can be cut short depending on the Individuals circumstances.

Those parents and grandparents who have intentions to stay only for a time period of six months can apply for a Visitor’s visa. The validity of the visitor’s visa is also 10 years but stay period per visit is maximum six months.

The applicants have both online and offline options to apply for a Parent/Grandparent Super Visa Canada. The application should accompany the documents required to submit as a proof.

You can take help of the super visa consultants for Canada to fill the application form and to complete other formalities.

And once the application is approved, the applicant will be issued a letter. Candidates travelling by road will need to show the letter to the concerned border services offer on their arrival in Canada.

The Canadian Super visa holders travelling by air have to also apply for ETA document that will be linked to their passport.  On the basis of the letter, the officers at the border will allow your entry into Canada with respect.

If you have selected super visa consultants for Canada as your representative to fulfill the application formalities, then they are supposed t0 know the procedure. However if you are applying on your own, then read the below given steps to fulfill you application for Super Visa for Canada.


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Here Is the Procedure to Apply For a Visa Online


  1. Scan your documents, upload them online and pay processing fee with a valid credit card.


  1. Go through the eligibility criteria and apply online.


  1. After filling the application form, you will receive automated emails from immigration, refugees and Citizenship


 Procedure to Apply For Super Visa on Paper

  1. Get an Application package from the immigration centre or download it online. It includes instruction guide and the forms you need to fill the form.


  1. Go through the guide before filing the details as an error in the form can lead to rejection.


  1. Documents that you need to submit along with the application form include a proof that you are the parent or the grandparent of the invitee. It can be any document naming you as a parent.


  1. In addition, the applicant also needs to submit a letter of invitation from the child or grandchild. The invitation letter should contain information on the number of souls living in Canada and the plans for care.


  1. Proof that your children or grandchildren meet the low-income cut- off and have medical insurance cover from a Canadian insurance company. The insurance should cover both health care and hospital costs.


  1. Pay your application fee, information about payment methods can be found in the application package.


  1. Submit your Application in one package to the location where the application will be processed. Mention the territory/ country name in the application form where you are applying and to the location, you are sending the application.


  1.  You may need to go for an interview with a Visa officer.  You will also need to go through a medical exam to enter Canada.


  1. You can also select a representative to apply for visiting visa to Canada however it is not a mandatory thing. Hire one of the best super visa consultants for Canada and apply for the visa, they will guide you through out the process till your Visa Application is not proved.


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