Canadian Study Visa

Things To Remember Before You Apply for Canadian Study Visa

Getting quality education is one of the prime things which every individual aspires to acquire. One of the best places to study in the world is Canada. Canadian education system is one of the most incredible education systems in the entire world and this is a major reason why students have an inclination towards going and pursuing higher studies in Canada. The number of job opportunities for meritorious students in Canada are way more than any other country. If you also wish to avail a study visa to Canada, then this is the right place for you.

This is not new that the availing study visa to any country has a lot of steps and documents involved in it. Here, we have tried to list down the important details in order to avail study visa for the students. So, if you want to send your kid to Canada for further studies, follow up:

First of all things which you need to know about getting a study permit in Canada is that you do not need a study visa in case the duration of your course is lesser than six months. It might be a great option to avail the study permit before you come to Canada. However, if your course duration is more than six months, then it is important that you get a Canadian study visa through any visa office.

Mode of Application

Another thing which you need to know is that you can apply for the visa through two modes; one is through the online mode and another one is through paper application. Most of the people prefer to apply for Canadian study visa through the online mode. Paper application can be attained from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. About the offline application, people must consider the fact that the time duration is twice as much time it takes in the online procedure.

Keep Your Documents Ready

Below listed are some of the documents which are important for applying Canadian study visa:

  • Identity Proof
  • Acceptance proof
  • Proof for financial support

There are additional documents, too, which are required depending upon the case such as the letter of explanation, custodian declaration for minors, etc. For a detailed blog on what is the entire procedure for application of Canadian study visa, follow our next blog!

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