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The Step By Step Guide On Applying For A Canadian Student Visa

January 25, 2021

Many international students dream of studying in one of the top-ranking educational institutes in Canada due to their superior quality of educational provisions and their well- established reputation in the world of education. Canadian educational institutes are known for their continued progress in the field of academic research and offer maximum exposure to international students. Graduates of Canadian universities have the greatest odd towards having the desirable career opportunities as soon as they complete their degree, which is why the value of Canadian university degrees is one of the highest all around the world. All of these reasons are why you should consider contacting a Canada study visa consultant and figure out your prospects as a student for a Canadian university. Step 1 For those student visa candidates who belong to non-English speaking countries, there is a language requirement that has to be met before they begin the process of applying for Canadian universities. You will not be required to provide proof of your proficiency in the English language for attaining the student visa; however, the university you apply for will definitely need you to have a certain score in IELTS, TOEFL, or Cambridge English: Advanced. The standard scores required for different degree programs might differ. Once you achieve a score high enough for the degree program you wish to enroll in, you may proceed with the rest of the student visa application process. Step 2 The second and one of the most important steps in the process is to search for the right college that fulfils your educational needs. Once you have decided on a number of colleges, you may start submitting your applications to these institutes one by one. Whichever college finds you eligible will send you an acceptance letter as a confirmation for your admission. After you have acquired this acceptance letter, the process of applying for a Canadian student visa can formally begin. Step 3 There are two ways you can apply for a Canadian student visa: Online Application If you wish to apply online, you can visit the ‘Citizenship and Immigration Canada’ website and easily submit your student visa application directly. On-Paper Application If you prefer an on-paper application, then you also have an option to mail your student visa application to the CIC via courier. Your study visa consultant will advise you to apply online as it brings about a ton of convenience for the applicant as well as the visa consultant. This method is much more cost-saving and time-saving than the paper application method. It will also be easy to keep track of your application if you opt for the online method. Fill out all the information requested in the application form and submit the application. The Exemption There are a few conditions under which a foreign student is not required to apply for a Canadian study visa. Condition 1 If you work for a foreign representative in Canada or a member of your family is working for foreign representation, then you will be exempted from applying for a Canadian student visa. Condition 2 The duration of your degree program in the respective university […]

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Available Options For Canada Spousal Sponsorship

January 15, 2021

The procedure to acquire a spousal visa for Canada is quite flexible compared to the rest of the first world countries. It can be quite gruesome and tiring to be separated from your spouse until you get the visa requirements met, and it takes a toll on every couple’s emotional well-being that is trying to have a life together in Canada. Where most countries need you to have a spousal visa prior to entry into their country, Canada offers an alternate option as well. Canada allows certain applicants to submit the paperwork for their sponsorship while already living with their spouse, which allows the couple to stay united throughout the visa process. The Admissibility of the Applicant The immigration law of Canada mandates screening of the applicants for many important reasons. Once an applicant fits the standard of being “admissible” according to the immigration law, only then they can stay in the country. Below mentioned are the reasons you might be considered inadmissible as per Canadian law: 1. Security Reasons a) Spying b) committing a government fraud c) Terrorist or violent activity d) Being a member of an organization that is associated with one or all of the above- mentioned crimes 2. Violation of human right or international rights a) Being a participant in war crimes b) committing any crime against humanity c) Acting as a senior government official to violate human or international right 3. Crimes related to driving The more severe the crime is, the less likely you are to have your visa application accepted. 4. Participating in organized crime This includes being a part of an organization that has been proven for its involvement in criminal activity like human trafficking, drug trafficking, or any financial crimes like money laundering. 5. Medical conditions You are likely to be rejected due to medical condition in the case: a) if your medical condition is a safety hazard for the rest of the population b) if your medical condition is a health hazard for the rest of the population c) if your condition would require more attention or resources than the government of Canada normally spends on healthcare needs. 6. Financial incapability If you or your spouse are unable to fully afford the cost of living in Canada for you, your spouse, or your family members, then you will be considered inadmissible. 7. Wrongful representation of information Providing incorrect information or withholding important information from the authorities. 8. Inadmissible members in your family Even if you fit all the standards for admissibility, if one of your dependents don’t, neither of you will be able to acquire sponsorship. Requirements For Sponsorships Whichever spousal program you might be applying for, below- mentioned requirements must be met related to the sponsor. 1. He or she has to be at least 18 of age 2. Belong to the family class 3. Have either Canadian citizenship or PR 4. Provide proof of residence in Canada post PR issuance 5. The spouse has to submit in writing that will fulfil the responsibility of providing for their spouse. 6. A signed agreement between the sponsor and the dependent. Conditions […]

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Top Reasons To Immigrate To Canada

January 11, 2021

Leaving your homeland is a step you should only take once you have evaluated all the pros and cons associated with it. The reasons for moving should be strong enough, and the setbacks that come along with it should be minimum. Here are a few reasons why you should ask a Canada immigration consultant for your Canadian options, as Canada is one of the best countries to immigrate to. 1. The Inclusive Culture Canada and its people are known for their welcoming and accepting nature for people of all cultures, religions, ethnicities and identities. More than 20% of its population comprises of foreign-born inhabitants, and it is the country which is known to be the home of most immigrants in all of the first world countries. All minorities are respected and treated as equals in Canada, and the country is a beautiful collage of people from many different backgrounds. In addition to that, women are given the voice and freedom in Canada, which they are very commonly deprived of in most countries. 2. One Of The Best Education Systems Of The World The per capita expenditure of Canada on education is higher compared to any other industrialized nations. Canada is often known as the “most educated country in the world.” The government educational institutes offer world-class education, from kindergarten up to university level. The Canadian government is also much more likely to offer scholarships to deserving students and those students who belong to low-income families. Because of all these reasons, more than half of the Canadian population between the ages of 25 to 64 has a post-secondary degree. 3. The Ever-Growing Career Opportunities Canada is known to be 10th largest economy of the entire world due to an abundance of natural resources and the government’s efforts to cultivate economic growth. There are limitless opportunities, especially in the tech sector, where more skilled human resources are needed each year. 4. The Universal Healthcare One of the most important reasons Canadians, as well as immigrants, love this country is because of the superior healthcare services which are provided universally to all citizens and inhabitants. This reliable healthcare system is one of the main reasons behind the high life expectancy in the country. 5. The Employment Benefits Canadian policymakers actively work to protect the employment rights and privileges of the working class of the country. These benefits include; 1. Mandatory vacation leave 2. Paid vacations 3. Statutory holidays 4. Employment Insurance 5. Old age security 6. The Canadian pension plan 7. Federal Childcare plan 8. Maternity leave 9. Paternity leave 10. High minimum wage limit If all of these reasons have made you think “I should look for an Immigration consultant near me” then you should contact us for Immigration consultant Canada who will facilitate you with more information in further detail. Our experienced Immigration consultants in Brampton work closely with visa applicants to explore their visa, employment and residence options in Canada, to give them the best immigration opportunities.

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The Easy Steps Towards Canadian Immigration

January 7, 2021

Leaving your country for a better future for yourself and your family is a brave and inspirational act for the citizen of any country. Throughout this process, you should take up as much help and support from every possible source as you can, to make the process as smooth as possible. You must be wondering how I get access to the best immigration consultant near me and how I get started with the whole process. Worry not! The process is easy and can be further made easier with the help of a Canada immigration consultant. Below is the step-by-step procedure that you will have to follow to get started with your immigration process. Step 1 The first step is an introduction; at this stage, the person applying for the Visa goes through the preliminary package that contains basic information regarding Canadian immigration. Read the information within this package carefully and make sure you follow the directions accordingly. Step 2 You have to fill out the immigration forms issued by the Canadian government. Step 3 Using the information you have provided in the immigration form, one of the two below mentioned methods will be used to create your online profile. a) A computer-generated form is created for the client to sign via email. This method is for 1. Business Class Applicants 2. Family Class Applicants b) An Express Entry Online Profile is created for the following applicants; 1. Federal Skilled Worker Class 2. Federal Skilled Trades Class 3. Canadian Experience Class In case some information or documentation or signatures are missing in your application, your immigration consultant will return the application to you for resubmission. Step 4 The next step is to sign and mail these documents along with immigration fees set by the Canadian government to the office of your immigration agents. Step 5 For Business Class and Family Class applicants, detailed legal arguments have to be prepared by your Canada immigration consultant to add to your immigration application documents. First, these will be emailed to the client for approval. Step 6 The complete forms and documents are then sent to the Canadian visa office via mail. Your application then processed by the visa office. Step 7 You will receive an acknowledgement by the Canadian visa office once they have received their documents. In case some forms or information is missing or incomplete, the visa office will request you to resubmit. Step 8 You will receive the waiver of the interview or the date for your interview at the Canadian visa office. You might have to provide additional documents at this stage of visa processing. The clients who have their interview requirement waived are supposed to go through a medical examination as soon as possible. The clients who have been provided with a date for an interview are to go through the required medical examination at least one month before the interview is due. All these requirements will be explained to you in further detail by an immigration consultant, Canada. Step 9 All reputable immigration consultants from Brampton help their clients prepare for their immigration interview. You will be provided […]

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