How to Acquire Study Visa to Canada?

Canada has been one of the top providers of world-class education. Canadian Universities are well-known for their excellence as well as their high-quality academic standards. This excellence is one of the prominent reasons why most of the Canadian Universities are continuously ranked top amongst the international universities. The quality of education in Canada in addition to the standard of living has been among the highest globally. A number of reasons constitute to make Canada a preferable location for studying and one of those major reasons is the affordability which one gets here. Lower tuition fees and cost of living than all the other countries, the United States and the United Kingdom being the prominent ones, is also why students prefer Canada for a better future. For each and every student who wishes to study in Canada must get a study visa to Canada.

Why Choose Canada For Further Studies?

With the Canada Study Visa, foreign students are given a benefit of availing academic and vocational growth. A study visa to Canada gives the students from different countries an access to the expansion of their knowledge, and expertise. For all the students seeking an international experience and high-quality academic growth, Canada is a perfect place.

Categories of Study Permit in Canada

International students can get access to Canada only when they obtain their study permit. All the students can apply their Study permit which is basically divided into three categories,

  1. General
  2. Students Partners Program
  3. University

For qualifying for a study visa to Canada under the Student Partners Program, the applicant must hold an offer letter from any of the universities which come under the program. The Students Partners Program is in a way distinct from the regular study permits.There are specific requirements that all applicants seeking study visa to Canada must fulfill before they avail their visa. All the requirements are varying depending upon the applicant’s field of study, educational background, and their country of citizenship. In addition to the above-mentioned requirements, there are many other requirements which the applicants must fulfill, such as them not being medically and criminally inadmissible to move in Canada.

The Documentation

Given below are the specific requirements that are mandatory in order to get a study visa to Canada. The applicants are required to carefully examine all these documents and submit them:

  1. Completely filled application form
  2. Original acceptance letter from the university
  3. Valid travel documents or passport which allows students to return to their countries. Also, if the applicant is a resident of the United States of America, then it isn’t required.
  4. Recently taken passport sized photos; with the name of the applicant and the date of birth on its back.
  5. Proof for financial support
  6. Proof of paying fees for study visa to Canada
  7. Letter of explanation

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