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The United States is an incredibly diverse nation with a sea of growth opportunities. People across the globe migrate here for jobs, studies, healthcare, and other benefits. The multicultural living in the USA makes it one of the most favorite places in the world to live.

Citizens of the USA belong to different races, religions, traditions, cultures, and political beliefs that make up this nation beautiful. Each citizen has a unique upbringing by his/her learning, culture, and traditions.

If you are looking for the best USA Visiting Visa or Visiting Visa to Canada consultants, then you have reached the right place. Our team of highly qualified Consultants will assist you at every step of the Visa process.

What makes us a reliable USA Visiting Visa Consultants?

LCC Immigration is a specialist immigration/ Visa consultant with a well-earned reputation across the world.

We have never fallen short of converting our commitments into action.  Our professionals keep a close eye on the latest changes made by the USA in the immigration laws. We research and then update our patrons about it.

For students who apply for the USA study visa, the professionals of LCC immigration consultants evaluate eligibility for abroad admissions. We provide them with the necessary guidance to gather all the required documents. We help them in preparing and submitting the applications to the concerned authorities.

Moreover,we train and guide applicants for agrueling interview process. We provide them with advice on case presentation, documents, and filling application forms.We conduct mock interviews and schedule their meetings to keep them ready for the appointment at the embassy.

 Types of USA Visiting Visausa visit visa consultants

It is necessary to obtain a visa if you want to explore the USA.  But Visa application procedure is a quite a daunting task. It involves a lot of hassle. The professionals of the LCC immigration consultant make your wish come true by eliminating all kinds of hassles involved in this procedure.

There are mainly two types of visas that you can apply for the USA Visit:

B1 and B2- USA Tourist Visas

B1- USA Visa: This Visa is for people who visit the USA with a purpose of a business meeting, conference, seminar, trade or consultation. People with this type of Visa are not allowed to work during their stay in the US.

B2- USA Tourist Visa: This type of Visa is for people who enter the US with a purpose to participate in the events, conferences, attend funerals, and receive medical treatments or to visit their families. They are not allowed to work during their stay in the country and expected to leave the country as soon as their visa expires.


 Conditions to Apply For the USA Visa

  1.    For people who have to apply for the USA Visa, it is necessary to mention the purpose of the visit in the Visa Application form. People usually visit for business purposes, medical facilities, and spending vacations.
  1.  Whatever may be the reason behind your visit to the USA, you have to mention the reason for your stay in the Visa application form.
  1.  Before applying for a visit to the USA, you have to ensure that you have enough money for meeting expenditures as you will get a visa from the financial status.
  1.  The Visa Application of the people who have a criminal record may not become successful.
  1.   If you are visiting the USA for meeting someone, then you should have an invitation letter from the person you are going to meet

Why Hire Us to Help You With USA Visiting Visa Application?

The procedure to apply for the USA visiting Visa or Visiting Visa to Canada is complicated. Candidates who apply without seeking the help of immigration consultants increase the chances of visa refusal.

Even a typo in the application can lead to rejection.  If you want to relieve yourself of the headaches of preparing documents and dealing with the legal procedure, you should hire immigration experts for USA Visiting Visa.

LCC Immigration consultants have so far provided Visa consultation services to tens of thousands of people across the globe. Our client base has grown manifold in the recent years.

You don’t need to worry at all.Our professional USA Visiting Visa Consultants in Canada will make use of their knowledge and experience to make your Visa application a success. They will ensure you get your visa without passing through the hassle associated with the Visa processing. They will remain in touch with you to keep you updated on the status of your Visa Application.